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XBAP future

General discussion forum about all things Team Developer 7.x
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XBAP future

Post by aspurga » 16 Mar 2017, 06:45


Asked Gupta support about XBAP future for TD. Bellow see please the answer:

"Our policy is to de-support 3rd party components as soon as the 3rd-party provider announces that the component is no longer supported. With XBAP specifically, Microsoft still supports it with Internet Explorer which is available as part of Windows 10. TD XBAP applications will continue to work on IE within Windows 10 as long as Microsoft supports that environment.
Our recommendation for customers looking into building Rich Internet Applications is to consider TD Mobile which creates HTML5-based, browser and mobile enabled business applications."

Then I asked support is it possible using TD Mobile to develop an application for Windows which must be integrated with other 4 information systems through Web Services.
Also must have reports in MS Excel and Word and an integration with domain Active directory and etc.

No response from support to this question. What you think about that?



Posts: 3
Joined: 06 Mar 2017, 08:54
Location: Lithuania

Re: XBAP future

Post by aspurga » 16 Mar 2017, 13:13

Sorry for my inaccurate question. I had in mind what TD and TDM developers think about TDM potentiality to develop a complicated applications ( Web Services, Excel or Word reports and etc.)


Igor Ivanovic
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Re: XBAP future

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 16 Mar 2017, 14:41

Regarding TDM for building Rich Internet Applications, it sure could be done to a certain degree.

But, I already asked some of the then (2014) development management for the option to add a third layout (desktop) and the answer was there were currently no plans to do it, as there are some major differences between jQuery Mobile and jQuery. Now, it's 2017 and I still don't see it as an option in the TDM roadmaps.
And without it, it would be, in my opinion, very difficult to create the RIA's.

Regarding MSExcel and Word, it can be done on the server side, but not with MSOffice installed on the server.
I don't know if it could be done, and how, with the cloud version (Office 365), but I had problems with MSOffice installed on the server, even with a single process on the server calling Word COM.
There are still options to do it with third party .NET components, such as SyncFusion, which can generate MSOffice compatible excel and word files, although not 100% compatible.
Igor Ivanovic

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Re: XBAP future

Post by a_sivababu » 17 Mar 2017, 11:53

I would agree with Gupta as Microsoft might not support XBAP in future since they are moving to Edge Browser where there is no plug-in to support XBAP. So, It works till IE 11 is there and understand that IE 11 is just sustainable version and there is no new features introduced.

I think Gupta will soon support Universal Windows Platform (UWP) as this is the way forward for Microsoft for win64 or .NET64 build. This can be downloaded from Windows Market and installed in windows supported Devices. This should be good option in the future. ... hats-a-uwp

Re TDMobile, I am agreeing with Gupta as you are good to create browser based application or Hybrid based application for Android, iOS and Windows 10 (mobile or desktop) using Cordova. Reg Reports, They are currently supporting HTML and PDF output. I hope they will soon support for other formats like RTF etc.

OR, if you really need extensive features of Reporting then you can probably consider Telerik Reports and integrate with TDMobile. However, I feel Gupta will provide this features in the Future.

I hope We will soon get mutithreading functionalities in TD and TDM where we schedule a reports, processes etc and de-congest and increase the performance for online transactions.

I also thought JQueryMobile is outdated and dead but it is still alive since the team is planing to release JQM 1.5 soon.

And, JQuery team is currently in process of merging Jquery UI and JqueryMobile components. so soon both UI controls can be used for both Mobile and Desktop based application.

Hope we soon get the new features in TDMobile such as below though we can manually integrate it now.

1. Integrating Rich Text Editor like CKEditor
2. File Integration for upload, view and Delete.
3. Search Engine for fast searching like Elastic Search - ELK stack.
4. Creating wrapper class for all Apache Cordova plug-ins.

coming back to your question - Hope you can develop your applications but the current design should be re-engineered to work through web services.

Happy to answer if you still have any doubt for migration as I have done more Proof-of-concept in TDMobile.


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